McLaren 765LT Is Way More Powerful Than We Thought

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McLaren has made an absolute monster.

Over the last few weeks, the McLaren 765LT has exceeded all expectations. With no modifications, McLaren's track-focused supercar set a new quarter-mile record for a production car with an incredible time of 9.33 seconds. That's even faster than the Dodge Challenger SRT Demon, which holds the current production car quarter-mile record of 9.65 seconds. In a series of drag races organized by Hennessey Performance, the 765LT also made the 720S look slow.

Could this mean McLaren has been underrating the 765LT's performance? To find out, DragTimes hooked it up to a dyno and compared it to the 720S. While different dynos can produce variable results, the 765LT was tested on the same dyno as the 720S.

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After removing the rear diffuser and switching to dyno mode, the 765LT produced a monumental 765 horsepower at the wheels during its first dyno run.

For comparison, the 720S was rated at 659 wheel hp on the dyno during its fastest run. If that wasn't already impressive, the 765LT made even more power in the second run, sending 770 hp to the rear wheels - that's nearly 110 more horses than the 720S. Switching from fifth to sixth gear, the 765LT made 757 hp. Officially, McLaren claims the 765LT's 4.0-liter twin-turbo V8 generates 755 hp and 590 lb-ft of torque.

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Factoring drivetrain losses, these results suggest the 765LT is producing around 885 hp, which explains why it was able to set a sub-ten second quarter-mile time so effortlessly. As well as having more power on tap, the 765LT also has shorter gear ratios and is 176 pounds lighter, enabling it to accelerate much faster than 720S.

It's important to note that the 765LT used in the dyno run was running on 100-octane racing fuel, which would have affected the car's performance. Nevertheless, the results certainly suggest McLaren has underrated the 765LT's performance. Dragtimes jokes that McLaren should have called it the 885LT, and we're inclined to agree - McLaren has made an absolute monster.

DragTimes/YouTube DragTimes/YouTube DragTimes/YouTube

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