McLaren Aims To Become The King Of Supercars With Help From China


McLaren has a new ambitious plan and it might just work.

McLaren's boom in recent years has been so unprecedented that it can really only be compared with one other rising economic might: China. In fact, the two have somewhat of a symbiotic relationship. Huge sales in the world's most populous country help bolster McLaren's bottom line and the dozens of pristine supercars zig-zagging through newly paved streets of Beijing and Shanghai help shape the outside world's perception of China so that it gets the respect it deserves.


And now that McLaren has its fresh pack of supercars from which to choose, the 540C and 570S to the 720S and Senna being examples, it wants to entice Chinese buyers with new toys in which to park million-dollar investments. That's why the British supercar manufacturer has just announced that it plans to double sales in China beginning this year. Doing this doesn't only mean flinging more MaCas over the Great Wall. In order to successfully infiltrate the Chinese market, McLaren needs a network of good dealerships in every one of China's most financially successful cities. To expand its presence, McLaren will build on the ten dealerships it currently has in China with new showrooms in Guangzhou and Shenzhen.

In order to better assimilate, McLaren plans to collaborate with Chinese fashion designers and other craftsmen to release special Chinese market-only McLarens in hopes that it can outdo the competition. "China is increasingly important for a company like McLaren as we are set to import new models, expand our retailer network, boost investment and grow sales, all while working closely with local businesses, designers and craftspeople to jointly celebrate British and Chinese culture and talent," says Dr. Jens Ludmann, Chief Operating Officer, McLaren Automotive. Hopefully the fact McLaren is working on electrified models, a technology the Chinese auto market seems to be taking to well, will lead it to reach its ambitious goals.


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