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McLaren Already Planning Next P1

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As McLaren gazes into its crystal ball, plans are reportedly already afoot for the successor to the P1.

The McLaren P1 is still fresh on everyone's minds, but don't think that the F1 team turned automaker is about to leave it at that. As McLaren Automotive grows, it is increasingly looking towards the future with new models in the pipeline. And that will include a successor to the new P1, although that's not expected to be launched for another ten years, at the earliest. The P1 benefits from the very latest developments in automotive technology, including lightweight construction and hybrid propulsion.

Who knows what kind of technologies will be available by then. But you can bet McLaren will be at the forefront, just as it is now. By that time, McLaren will likely have also rolled out a successor to the MP4-12C, as well as an upcoming challenger to the Porsche 911 Turbo. In the meantime Woking is focused on delivering the entire production run of 375 examples of the P1, many of which will be custom-specified by the McLaren Special Operations division.

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