McLaren And Lando Norris Introduce Flexible Carbon Fiber Luggage By Tumi

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Ever wanted baggage with carbon fiber in it? Now's your chance.

The lifestyle associated with high-end cars extends far beyond just the cars themselves, and automotive manufacturers are well aware of this. What if you're not near your McLaren GT, or you don't have an opportunity to put your keys on the table so everyone can see what you drive anyway? Well, that's why car-themed apparel exists. It's also why you get watches "inspired" by legendary cars, and it's why you can get branded luggage sets.

McLaren is no stranger to this world and has just announced an expansion of its luggage collection designed in collaboration with Tumi, a leading international travel and lifestyle brand. As is evident, F1 driver Lando Norris is the mascot for this marketing spiel.

McLaren McLaren McLaren

The two brands claim that this new capsule collection "pushes the boundaries of lightweight and performance more than ever." Sounds like some mumbo jumbo to us, but why do they say this? Well, the new range has taken existing pieces from the pair's collection and reconstructed them from CX6, "an exclusive, flexible carbon fiber material." This material is said to be abrasion resistant, helping it remain fresh even when someone unceremoniously shoves their Mont Blanc briefcase into the overhead compartment in your First Class section of a Boeing 787 cabin.

With a simple charcoal finish, this luggage set is rather attractive. Rather than shouting about its (presumably immense) expense and quality, this is a subtle and stylish collection.

McLaren McLaren

It's clear that this is just another shameless marketing opportunity for both brands, but McLaren has tried to justify its connection to this offering by saying that "the new colorway responds to the core McLaren DNA - McLaren has not made a race car or road car without carbon fiber in over 40 years."

The new collection adds an Aero International Expandable four-wheel carry-on in Carbon and molded Carbon Fiber with Tegris side panels, as well as a Velocity backpack, Torque Sling, and Quantum Duffel, complete with leather trim details.

The new additions are now available online and via Tumi's retail stores.

McLaren McLaren

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