McLaren And Lockheed Martin Team Up On Futuristic Supercar Design

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McLaren wants to streamline how it designs its cars.

Mclaren Automotive is joining up with Lockheed Martin Skunk Works to explore and create new design methods for future McLaren supercars. The company announced the partnership at Skunk Works headquarters in the California desert. McLaren brought along the Artura hybrid supercar to pose in front of the Darkstar hypersonic aircraft, a conceptual aircraft that starred in Top Gun: Maverick.

The project will aim to deploy Skunk Works' design system developed over the decades for aviation into the world of modern-day supercar design. The state-of-the-art software allows better calibration of high-speed systems than current design methods and will allow McLaren to push its design boundaries in the future.

McLaren McLaren

"McLaren is a pioneering company that has always pushed boundaries and sought out new innovative and disruptive solutions to making the ultimate supercars," said Darren Goddard, Chief Technical Officer at McLaren.

"Working alongside an iconic company such as Lockheed Martin Skunk Works, renowned for its visionary focus on the future, is a natural fit. We hope this is the start of a longer and deeper collaboration that will benefit our customers in the long term."

The McLaren engineers and scientists will work with their contemporaries at Skunk Works to test and see how this technology can be used commercially in the automotive world.

It sounds like a very unique and promising partnership, and maybe it can help the company with its first EV set to debut in a few years. The vehicle was originally thought to be just another sports car from the company, but McLaren CEO Michael Leiters recently made comments that indicate otherwise.


This isn't the first time McLaren has toyed around with aerospace technology, as the company previously claimed to be working on a vibrating windscreen using tech from fighter jets that would rid the screen of water and allow McLaren supercars to run without windscreen wipers. That tech never came to fruition, however.

The company has been plagued with production issues on its newest supercar, the Artura. Failing a slew of initial issues, the company had to pause production to develop the car further, causing more monetary stress on the company. McLaren had to sell some of its classic car collection to fund the development of the necessary fixes.

We've now driven the Artura, and it seems the time taken was used to good effect. With Lockheed Martin on board, future supercars could be even more exciting.

2022-2023 McLaren Artura Driving Front Angle McLaren 2022-2023 McLaren Artura Rear View Driving McLaren
2022-2023 McLaren Artura Driving Front Angle
2022-2023 McLaren Artura Rear View Driving

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2022-2023 McLaren Artura Driving Front Angle 2022-2023 McLaren Artura Rear View Driving

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