McLaren Announces Christmas Gift Options

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It's all here from socks to snow-sliding supercar adventures

With the sheer amount of coverage that McLaren supercars get on the internet, one could easily assume that every second man and his dog are driving around in a 720S or at least a 600LT. With even the 'base' 570S starting at $180,000 before options, that is clearly not the case.

Not to worry, McLaren has just announced their Christmas gift options and the entry point for McLaren branded ownership here is a much more palatable 20 bucks. For that you get a pair of McLaren F1 Super Socks, that's both the left and right one, so they are actually only $10 each.


Not too keen on those? Well how about a ride-on Volcano Yellow McLaren P1 then, it's only $35 and a great way to prep your three-year-old for the finer things in life. If you want to get in on the driving action too then there is the three-day Arctic driving adventure, where you get to slide a McLaren 570S around without any toddler intervention, pricing starts at a slightly more serious $16,300.

In between these extremes you can choose from a range of miniature McLaren models which start at $83 and head on up to $8,150. You could just about buy a half-decent used car for that sort of money.

You can also buy the Sparco McLaren SP16+ race suit, the world's lightest FIA-certified race suit, just the thing to wear while playing Forza Horizon 4 in your basement where you can pilot an 800 hp McLaren Senna around the world's greatest race circuits.

There is also a range of men's and women's luxury clothes available from clothing brand Belstaff and if you head to an online McLaren retailer you will also find their first ever McLaren Automotive Digital Advent calendar, available for free. Now that's the kind of price we are happy to pay.

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