McLaren Applied Technologies Builds Iron Man Suit For Injured Crazy Billionaire

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You'd better believe McLaren just used supercar technology to make the life of an injured billionaire more bearable.

McLaren's Special Operations Division is known for being one of the few corporate havens for billionaires wanting custom supercars that are the stuff of dreams but impossible to order from Ferrari or other like manufacturers. However, there's a little-known offshoot under the McLaren umbrella that challenges the craziness of highly exclusive cars like the upcoming X-1 by MSO. That would be none other than McLaren Applied Technologies, the McLaren wing Apple allegedly tried to buy and the one that most sounds as if it was named by Tony Stark.

Continuing with the parallels to Tony Stark, Men's Health has gone in-depth with the company's research wing to investigate its most recent undertaking: building a futuristic exo-steel brace for an anonymous billionaire client so that their debilitating injuries are more bearable and don't impede on daily activities. Basically, this is the closest thing to Iron Man's suit that we're likely to see in our lifetimes. For reasons that none of us will probably find out, this well-heeled client required multiple surgeries that left their core weakened. To solve the issues associated with the damage, the client came to McLaren Applied Technologies in order to find out if its team of engineers could cook up a bionic concoction of next-level medical technology.

The result is a chest plate and shield made of a medley of high-strength materials like carbon fiber, Dyneema (bulletproof vest stuffing), and other materials usually seen on McLaren Automotive's supercars. Like its sister company's cars, the armor vest does not come cheap, costing its client $250,000, or just a smidgen under what a new McLaren 720S goes for. The design and build process took over three months to complete, but considering that billionaires live lifestyles that are out of the ordinary, this supersuit has to be designed for anything. Aside from bolstering the customer's weakened core, the suit is also responsible for helping eliminate the pain they experience from day to day activities like buckling a seatbelt.

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To ensure the suit was strong enough, McLaren engineers conducted impact tests by dropping weighted objects on the suit, kind of like a car crash test of sorts, to ensure that it lives up to its name: Project Invincible. If you want to learn more about Tony Stark's dream suit, the video below should be of interest.

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