McLaren Artura Suffers Yet Another Fiery Setback

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The future of McLaren powertrains has had what some might call a rocky start.

Another McLaren is at risk of catching fire due to a faulty component this year. This time, the McLaren Artura is being recalled for an incorrectly affixed fuel pipe that could lead to fuel leakage and, in turn, a fire.

According to the safety recall report filed with the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA), a defective low-pressure fuel pipe in Artura could be disconnected. If that happens, it will leak fuel into the engine components with high operating temperatures, increasing the risk of a thermal event.

McLaren McLaren McLaren

Upon inspection, the automaker discovered that the faulty component was produced in a single batch, only created within one hour in a single day. Still, 362 examples are potentially involved in the issue, with the production dates ranging between July 17 and November 15 this year.

The remedy program includes the replacement of the faulty pipes with non-defective ones free of charge. McLaren also said all affected vehicles are covered by warranty, so there is no need for a reimbursement program. However, the automaker has not announced the planned notification dates for dealerships and owners.

McLaren McLaren McLaren

For now, Artura owners should become more aware of a possible fuel leak due to the abovementioned issue. Some warnings include a smell of fuel odor in the vehicle's proximity, a fuel leak on the ground, and an 'engine system fault' alert due to engine fuel starvation.

The latest recall follows the first one released late last year involving faulty nuts, which could also lead to fire due to a fuel leak in the high-pressure fuel pipe. This was after a much longer than initially planned gestation period for the Artura after fires occurred on the very first international press drive, although those were related to the oil coolers.

The Artura is the first of a new generation of McLaren supercars, underpinned by a new digital architecture and showcasing new V6 and hybrid components. Multiple delays are inevitable, especially given the happenings of the last few years, but the Artura has been a bit of a problem child. Here's hoping McLaren gets over the teething issues soon.

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