McLaren Builds 10,000th Car After Just Five Years

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This is a major milestone for the UK automaker.

Five years after McLaren returned to the road car building business, the company has just rolled out its 10,000th car, a Ceramic Grey 570S that was finished by McLaren Special Operations. To mark the milestone, the 570S won't be sold and will instead be retained by McLaren's Heritage Collection. No other details about this special 570S were revealed, but we know that it comes packing a 3.8-liter twin-turbo V8 with 562 horsepower and can sprint to 60 mph in 3.2 secs on to a top speed of 204 mph.


Just two years ago, McLaren built its 5,000th car, evidence of its impressive growth thanks to higher volume models in the Sports Series including the 540C, 570S and 570GT. The McLaren Production Center shifted production in 2016 to focus on the Sports Series which took capacity from 10 cars per day to 20. 2016 was also the company's third year of profitability in the first five years of producing cars, which is extremely rare in the auto industry. The company is also on track to double its sales from 1,654 cars last year to over 3,000 cars in 2016, 90 percent of which will be exported from the UK. McLaren has certainly moved from a quirky British brand to being a true contender in the sports car market.

Obviously, McLaren's strategy has been working and the brand is now a serious threat to long established brands like Ferrari and Lamborghini. The 570S is such a success, that it is already a sales hit and an automotive journalists best friend. The car has already been crowned MotorTrend's Best Driver's Car, so the sky is the limit for the McLaren brand in the future.

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