McLaren Builds Two Bespoke MSO R Supercars For One Very Wealthy Client

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When owning one unique supercar made specifically for you simply isn't enough.

You must be privileged to have a prestigious manufacturer like McLaren build a bespoke car just for you, but one very wealthy client will soon be having a matching pair of two unique McLaren supercars created specifically for them delivered. Dubbed the McLaren MSO R, the one-off coupe is based on the 650S and is the latest model built by McLaren's Special Operations division. But this wasn't enough. The customer also wanted a convertible to go with it, so McLaren happily obliged and built a matching MSO R Spider variant for the same customer.

"An MSO Personal Commission is the highest level of partnership between a customer and McLaren Special Operations, undertaken to design, develop and create unique interpretations of McLaren cars, expertly tailored to meet the exact requirements of the owner," said Jolyon Nash, Executive Director of Global Sales and Marketing at McLaren Automotive. "A typical MSO Personal Commission extends beyond paint colours and materials and finishes to encompass changes to body and interior design and also dynamic and powertrain enhancements as required," he continued.

The result is a McLaren personalised by MSO to become a car that is literally one of a kind – or in the case of these stunning MSO R cars, one of a matched pair." Distinguishing the MSO R from the standard 650S is a striking Liquid Silver paint finish, which is satin on the coupe and gloss finish on the spider, featuring a carbon fiber central stripe. The front bumper, hood, louvered fenders, roof scoop and rear deck are all MSO Visual Carbon Fiber components, as are the side mirror arms and casings and wiper scuttle. Elsewhere, Delta Red pinstripes feature on the front splitter and side blades.

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MSO R branding can be found on the splitter, side skirts, sill panels, rocker panels and plenum cover. Both cars feature five-spoke wheels which are finished in satin black on the coupe and gloss black on the spider, and a twin-element rear wing to enhance the aerodynamics. Performance is identical for both models: power is delivered by a 3.8-liter twin-turbo V8 producing 679 horsepower and 516 lb-ft of torque – a welcome bump from the 641-hp you get in the standard 650S. The sound the supercar emits is also unique, as the MSO R features a new titanium exhaust system with a "crossover" muffler that increases the pipe length and optimizes gas flow.

The interior is even more distinctive than the exterior. Both cabins feature black alcantara trim with red stitching throughout. This is reversed for the seats, which are red with black stitching featuring an MSO R logo embroidered on the headrest. The steering wheel also has a carbon fiber upper and lower with black Alcantara grips and a Delta Red center stripe. McLaren hasn't specified how much the customer paid for the two unique supercars, but we wouldn't be surprised if they cost several million dollars.

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