McLaren Collaborates With British Brand On Mysterious Special Edition Model


Carmaker set to unveil a very special 570GT built with help from an "iconic British brand."

Having just launched the much-anticipated McLaren Speedtail hypercar, McLaren has posted a teaser image previewing a new special edition 570GT.

The shadowy image showing the rear of the car doesn’t give us much to go on, but it’s apparently part of a collaboration between McLaren and an “iconic British brand.”

“We’re excited to reveal our collaboration with an iconic British brand. A new dimension of style, design and innovation is coming soon…#collaboration,” the automaker wrote on social media. That doesn't give us much to go on, so whichever brand the automaker has teamed up with is a total mystery.

However, look closely and you can see a male model lurking in the foreground. This suggests McLaren could be collaborating with a prestigious British fashion label such as Burberry or Alexander McQueen for the special edition model.

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In which case, we can probably expect to see some unique flourishes such as fitted luggage designed specifically for the 570GT and a bespoke interior. McLaren has also partnered with watchmakers in the past. Like every other McLaren 570GT, expect the special edition model to use the same twin-turbo 3.8-liter V8 that produces 562 horsepower. Can you guess which mystery British brand McLaren is collaborating with for this special edition 570GT?