McLaren Confirms a New Supercar is Underway

Because it can't let the Italians have all the fun.

More than a decade passed between when production ended on the iconic McLaren F1 and the launch of the 12C. And only last March at Geneva did McLaren unveil the F1’s successor, the equally bonkers P1. Clearly McLaren is in expansion mode and we’ve already confirmed it’s planning a new entry-level model below the 12C. But now it seems the McLaren lineup is set to grow by one more. Autocar has confirmed the first details about a new model potentially to be called the P15.

It'll fill the slot between the 12C and the P1. Although it’s still "quite a long way off," it’s been confirmed that it’ll be powered by a heavily revised version of the 12C’s twin-turbo 3.8-liter V8. And of course it’ll be mid-engined. The P15 will also make use of McLaren’s signature carbon fiber tub. Other than those bits, no other details were given. McLaren has made clear its intentions to launch something relevant every year, but many assumed this meant more hard-core versions of existing models. The entry-level McLaren, currently called the P13, will rival the Porsche 911 Turbo. It’ll likely arrive on the scene sometime in 2015. Expect the P15 sometime around 2017.

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