McLaren Debuts Their ‘Great’ MP4-12C GT3 for Goodwood

Goodwood Festival of Speed

McLaren is bringing an especially patriotic MP4-12C GT3 to Goodwood this year.

Earlier this month McLaren announced that they'll be giving their MP4-12C a modest power boost of 25 horsepower in response to customer feedback. Even though 600hp was a lot, new owners felt that their cars needed some fine tuning such as more power, lighter paddle shifters and an improved engine note. McLaren listened and has delivered. Now with a total of 625hp, the updated and improved MP4-12C will be making its official debut this weekend at the Goodwood Festival of Speed.

In addition to the previously mentioned updates, McLaren points out that there's now a range of styling options available such as Volcano Yellow paint, an exclusive interior trim comprised of perforated leather and Alcantara, and a new diamond cut finish for multiple wheel designs. At last year's Goodwood, the MP4-12C GT3 race car was unveiled and this year the automaker will also be displaying a bespoke livery version designed by McLaren Racing's own graphic design team. The car will feature a Union Jack wrap and in another form of British patriotism, it's being called the "Great" 12C GT3.

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This is being done in support of the Great campaign that was launched this year by the Prime Minister's Office and the Department for Culture, Media, and Sport.