McLaren Denies Honda Rumors

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McLaren-Honda racing collaboration won't extend beyond the racetrack. At least, not for now.

The other day we brought you a rumor stemming from McLaren's new Formula One engine deal with Honda. The speculation now spreading across the internet was that, given the renewed collaboration between the British and Japanese outfits on the racetrack, a potential extension could lead to jointly-developed road cars as well. Autocar, however, spoke to an unnamed McLaren "insider" who kyboshed the idea, saying that, "At the moment there is no anticipated impact on the road car division as a result of the Honda deal."


The source reportedly further stated that the development of the car in question – designated project P13 and set to target the Porsche 911 Turbo – is already too advanced for Honda to have any input at this point. The source further pointed out that the team's current deal with Mercedes doesn't have any impact on the P1 or 12C, but apparently ignored the fact that the McLaren-Mercedes collaboration did produce the SLR. Nor did the source discount the possibility of Honda providing engines for future McLaren models – or for that matter, McLaren helping Honda develop (or possibly fine-tune at this point) the upcoming new Acura NSX.

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