McLaren Designer Wants VW Golf Competitor


Of course this being McLaren, it will come with a carbon-fiber monocoque.

McLaren has ambitious plans to roll out a new model every year. The 12C launched in 2011, the 12C Spider in 2012 and this year the P1 broke cover. On the horizon is a 911 fighter, currently dubbed the P13, which could be rolled out next year or in 2015 if the British carmaker decides to bring out a P1 Spider beforehand. Beyond that? Well, McLaren's head designer Frank Stephenson is keen to create a VW Golf competitor at some point in the future.

Speaking with Dutch publication Autovisie, the man who penned the 12C and P1 for McLaren and who previously designed the Mini, BMW X5, Ferrari F430, and Maserati MC12 said: ""I see a car like the VW Golf for 30 to 40,000 EUR, but for McLaren with a carbon fiber monocoque, to happen in the future." Stephenson also took at a stab at Audi, who he described as being a victim of having a large design department. The result of several opinionated designers all under one roof is having styling that is too toned down.


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