McLaren F1 Designer's Radical Method Was Used For Yamaha's New Concept


And it'll premiere later this month in Tokyo.

Exactly two years ago, Yamaha revealed its "Sports Ride" concept at the Tokyo Motor Show. Weighing just 1,650 pounds, Yamaha applied its years of motorcycle and quadbike building experience into the project, but a production version never happened. But later this month at the same bi-annual show, Yamaha will unveil yet another two-seater sports car concept, only this one was designed by none other than Gordon Murray, whose most famous project was the McLaren F1.


Yamaha hasn't released any specific details about the new concept, but Autocar speculates it'll be a two-seater built using the Murray-developed iStream manufacturing process, which allows extensive use of carbon fiber at a lower cost. Therefore, more cars can be produced while still achieving profitability. Impressive, no doubt. If Yamaha's latest concept, which is said to be similar to the Sports Ride, makes production, it'll be priced similar to the Lotus Elise. As for general size and weight, think the Smart Roadster and around 1,980 pounds. Of course, Yamaha is working on its own engine as well, likely a turbocharged three-cylinder with around 100 hp.

May not sound like much, but given the low weight, the power-to-weight-ratio is comparable to that of the Elise. Yamaha hasn't made a final decision regarding production just yet, as it's likely waiting to gauge public and media reception to the new concept. If the greenlight is given, expect the first production cars to first be sold in Europe, though other markets may follow.


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