McLaren F1 Designer Wants To Build An Electric Family Car

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But first Gordon Murray Automotive has one more analog V12.

Gordon Murray, fabled designer of the McLaren F1, set out to build the ultimate analog supercar for the modern age. It's safe to say he succeeded with the T.50. Limited to just 100 examples, the T.50 is an unapologetically old-school supercar. Power is provided by a naturally-aspirated 3.9-liter V12 producing 654 horsepower and 344 lb-ft of torque. It revs to 12,100 rpm and the driver sits in a central driving position just like the old F1 and newer Speedtail.

But with its limited availability and $3 million asking price, the T.50 isn't attainable for most people. Speaking with Top Gear, Gordon Murray confirmed the successor to the T.50 will be more accessible.

Gordon Murray Automotive Gordon Murray Automotive

"The next car will have a different version of the V12, with different materials, and a different version of the gearbox. We will keep the manual of course, but also offer it with an automatic gearbox, some sort of paddle-shift," said Murray. These changes will reduce the cost and make the car easier to drive, but it seems likely that the V12 will be detuned and have a lower rev range.

Unlike the T.50, Murray's next supercar will be a traditional two-seater that rides on a new platform incorporating the same carbon fiber iStream technology used in the TVR Griffith's construction. "So although it's not another T50, it still sticks to all our principles of light weight and engineering art and exclusivity," Murray explained.

Gordon Murray Automotive Gordon Murray Automotive Gordon Murray Automotive

Murray wants to continue developing naturally-aspirated V12s for as long as possible, but emissions regulations cannot be ignored, which means the T.50's successor will be Murray's last naturally-aspirated car. So what does the future hold for Gordon Murray Automotive after that?

Over the next five years, Murray will invest £300 million (about $415 million) to build a research and design headquarters that will include a facility set up to design and engineer electric cars. Murray hinted that this venture could spawn an affordable family electric car with a lower seating position than conventional EVs.

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Source Credits: Top Gear

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