McLaren F1 Sells for Record-Breaking $10 Million

Beats previous record by over a million dollars.

A British gearhead (or petrolhead as they’re known across the pond) has reportedly paid more than £6 million for a McLaren F1 in what is thought to be a record price paid for the legendary supercar. Last year, F1 chassis #66 sold for a record auction price of $8.47 million at Pebble Beach, but having shelled out £6.2 million – the equivalent of around $10 million – on chassis #28, the record appears to have been broken.

McLaren F1 #28 was first owned by Mario Andretti’s son Michael, the then McLaren driver who was given the car as an incentive to end his contract. It is one of just two examples to be delivered in red. The car was quickly sold to a Japanese collector as the F1 wasn’t road-legal in the US, and has since traded hands twice in the US before returning to the UK to one very happy deep-pocketed British buyer. The 240-mph McLaren F1 is one of the most desirable cars of the last 40 years, and with just 64 built, is one of the hardest to buy.

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