McLaren F1 Windshield Replacement Costs More Than A New Mustang

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Two McLaren F1s at the same event were spotted in need of this insanely-priced replacement.

The McLaren F1 is an exotic supercar, with low-mileage examples commanding an auction price of over $20 million. But did you know that replacing its windshield is as expensive as buying a new car?

According to Motor1, citing an unnamed source familiar with McLaren F1 replacement parts, the price for the glass itself is $25,000, while the $8,000 is reserved for installation. That's $33,000, or around $2,000 more than the base price of a brand-new, S650 generation Ford Mustang EcoBoost.

To give you an idea, a windshield replacement for a 2023 Porsche 911 Turbo S is quoted at around $500 by from suppliers in Miami, Florida. Granted, the 911 is not as exotic as a McLaren F1, but you get the gist.
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According to another source spoken to by Motor1, there are still windshield replacements in stock at McLaren's headquarters in the UK, so they won't be specially produced to warrant such a hefty price.

We're unsure why there's an exorbitant price tag slapped on the F1's windshield, but we're pretty sure owners won't mind the amount considering the supercar's price. It reminds us of the Bugatti Chiron front panel that can be bought online for $399,000 or the price of two Bentley Continental GTs. But just like the F1, Chiron owners won't mind that price, given their cars' value.

colleen365gtb4c/Instagram colleen365gtb4c/Instagram

Of course, only 106 owners will have to brave the expensive windshield replacement - two of them will have to do so soon, as seen in the footage uploaded to Instagram by Colleen Sheehan (embedded above). The two McLaren F1s, red and blue, were seen with cracked glass right in front of the car's central seating. Between the two units, that's $66,000 to replace the windshield alone. Yikes.

The cause of the crack is unclear, but the video was taken at the Sonoma Raceway during the Velocity Invitational last week, where the ultra-limited McLaren 750S with special livery was revealed. It was made to celebrate the automaker's historic Triple Crown motorsport victory.

Patrick Ernzen ©2022 Courtesy of RM Sotheby's Patrick Ernzen ©2022 Courtesy of RM Sotheby's Patrick Ernzen ©2022 Courtesy of RM Sotheby's

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