McLaren F1 With Just 242 Miles Will Sell For Silly Money

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Estimates place its value at as much as $15 million.

McLaren has and always will be known for one road car above all others. The iconic McLaren F1 set the bar so high that some of its achievements were only bettered decades later, while others still haven't been eclipsed. To this day, the car is hallowed in the halls of automotive performance, and modern supercars like the GMA T50 and McLaren's own Speedtail are still drawing inspiration from it. With such legendary status, a production run of just 106, and an incredibly lively engine, it's no wonder that the F1 is so highly sought after. The one you see here is especially so, because it's practically brand new.

Gooding & Company Gooding & Company Gooding & Company Gooding & Company

The 1995 model you see here must have been owned by someone afraid of speed, because it has just 242 miles on the clock, suggesting a sheltered life with no abuse. The pictures lend credibility to that assumption too, as the V12 supercar has an immaculate body with flawless paint. it's also the 25th model to have been built and the only one to be finished in a unique color called Creighton Brown.

Gooding & Company is the auction house responsible for the sale of this rare specimen and will be offering it at the Pebble Beach auction on August 14 and 15.

Gooding & Company Gooding & Company Gooding & Company Gooding & Company

Despite appearances, this car could cost a little more if you actually plan to use it. See, it's still on its original set of tires, but for the majority of interested parties who have no plans to drive the car, that's a good thing. Other notable highlights of the car include brown interior finishings with white leather and the inclusion of items like the original luggage set, tool chest, watch, roadside tool kit, owner's manual, service book, and info booklet. Gooding & Co. says this is the lowest mileage example of the F1 to go to auction, and with its unique color scheme adding to its allure, estimates out this car in the region of $15 million. We doubt a McLaren Speedtail will ever have quite the same appeal.

Gooding & Company Gooding & Company Gooding & Company Gooding & Company Gooding & Company Gooding & Company
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