McLaren Gear Wants to Dress You With James Hunt Mojo


You'll never drive like James Hunt, but maybe McLaren gear might help you mimic Hunt's legendary off track pursuits.

Perusing their catalogues, one might be led to believe Ferrari and Porsche make about as much money off licensed merchandise as they do from selling actual cars. This probably isn't true (we sort of hope not, anyway), but the quantity and absurd pricing of things like key chains and t-shirts can sometimes be kind of funny. Not wanting to be left out, McLaren is expanding its own already-sizable line of accessories, most of them clothing.

The British race team-turned-manufacturer has debuted what it calls "three retro-styled fashion collections inspired by cars, drivers and the most exhilarating moments from its 50 years of race-winning history." This includes a whole line devoted to James Hunt-themed pieces, conveniently just ahead of the debut of a movie about the man's world championship victory. So if $50 T-shirts of which only the coolest will understand, head right over to the McLaren store for one of your own.

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