McLaren Has A Very Good Problems On Its Hands

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Its vehicles are too good.

After getting a large amount of demand for its supercars, especially the McLaren 570S, the British automaker is working on increasing its production capacity. To meet the demands of wealthy enthusiasts, the British supercar brand is recruiting 250 new staff members to keep up. Accord to chief executive Mike Flewitt, the automaker has to keep up with "unprecedented levels of demand for our cars." This makes sense, since McLaren set a new sales record in 2015 by delivering a total of 1,654 vehicles to customers across 30 markets.

Thanks to the launch of five new models-the McLaren 540C Coupe, 570S Coupe, 675LT Coupe, 675LT Spider and P1 GTR-the automaker was able to set a new sales record. The brand also created a new three-tier grouping system for its vehicles that include the Sport Series, Super Series and Ultimate Series. "2015 was a year of rapid expansion," stated Flewitt. "When the company was set up in 2010, we set ourselves an ambition to launch one new car every year. In 2015, we launched five. This accelerated development has led to yet another record year, with unprecedented levels of demand for all of our cars, especially the new Sports Series, for which we are currently holding more than six months worth of orders."

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