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McLaren Has Even More New Models in the Works

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The future lineup is going to be larger than we thought.

McLaren is red hot these days. After debuting the magnificent P1 and the 650S, the UK sports carmaker is currently in the midst of developing even more new products. Word coming out of McLaren's home base of Woking, is that there are a few new models in development aside from the upcoming entry-level Porsche 911 Turbo fighter, and the P13 (which could be called the 500S). The 650S GTS, a hardcore version of the 650S, could debut alongside the P13 next year.

A P15 Spider is also planned. The P13 GTS (as if you thought McLaren wouldn't build it) will likely arrive in 2018. The 650S's replacement is also in development, codenamed the P16. That's expected in 2018 as well and the more extreme P16 GTS and P15 facelift are due in 2019. The arrival of the P16 is actually coming a little sooner than expected, considering the 650S just debuted this past March. Compared to the 650S, the P16 won't be all that much faster, but will offer superior in-gear acceleration, higher cornering speeds, and better fuel efficiency. The P15, a new supercar with a price of over $500,000, will likely debut in 2019, but it won't be the direct P1 replacement.

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Perhaps the biggest McLaren surprise is something unlike it's ever done before: a 2+2 coupe that's being tailored specifically for the US and Chinese markets. Still in its initial conceptual phase, it could be built on a stretched version of the P16's carbon fiber tub. Both mid- and front-engine designs are being considered. And no, a McLaren SUV is not happening. Only sports cars.