McLaren Hates Windshield Wipers

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So it's planning to get rid of them with jet fighter technology.

McLaren simply hates any sort of added weight. Whether it's with its Formula 1 or road cars, extra weight intrudes upon delivering the best possible performance. Alongside its carbon fiber developments, McLaren has set a goal of eliminating something else it deems unnecessary in the weight department: windshield wipers. This isn't a joke and don't be surprised to see this tech one day trickle down to regular cars.

A new report coming from the UK's The Sunday Times claims that McLaren chief designer Frank Stephenson is currently developing a blade-free system adapted from fighter jets. McLaren is being tight-lipped as to how it works, but it's believed to be some sort of ultrasound, high-frequency technology that will "create tiny vibrations on the windshield which would bounce off rain, insects and mud." This system is already being successfully used on military aircraft. If all goes to plan, this new tech could reach McLaren production cars as early as 2015.

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