McLaren Hits 12C Production Pause Button as 650S Takes Precedence

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Production of the 12C has stopped as McLaren gears up to satisfy the first orders for the 650S.

When McLaren revealed its new 650S, the British carmaker insisted the new model would be joining – and not replacing – the 12C in the lineup. Yet, according to Pistonheads McLaren has ceased production of the 12C in order to concentrate on the first orders of the 650S. However, if buyers still want a 12C, McLaren will build it. That gives them license to say the 650S is not replacing the 12C, but McLaren are confident the majority of buyers will opt for the newer, more powerful model.

After all, if you're going to spend over $200,000 on a supercar, what's an extra $30,000? Consequently, the 12C will eventually be phased out, leaving a nice gap between the 650S and the new 'entry-level' P13, due out next year. The P13 is expected to be priced around two-thirds the price of the 650S. McLaren aims to have 70 worldwide dealerships this year as it attempts to reach its objective of selling "several thousand" cars per annum, up from the 1,400 or so it sold last year.

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