McLaren is Already Working on a New Flagship


And it may just turn to Honda for some high-performance hybrid assistance.

Try to buy one if you'd like, but the McLaren P1 is officially sold out. You'll just have to "settle" for the recently revealed 650S. Or will you? We've known for some time that the British carmaker is busy developing a new model, supposedly called the P13, that'll slot in below the 12C as a direct competitor to the likes of the Porsche 911. But if that level of high performance simply isn't enough for you, there's new hope on the horizon.

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McLaren has recently acknowledged that it's working on a new flagship model, tentatively called the P15, that's being targeted for a 2017 launch. Unlike the $1.15 million P1, the P15 will be priced at a more "reasonable" $500,000 or so, and it'll of course be a mid-engined, two-seater with a carbon-fiber structure. What's particularly interesting about the P15 is the very real possibility it'll utilize some sort of hybrid technology. Car & Driver points out that since Honda will power McLaren's F1 cars beginning in 2015, the latter may seek out Honda's expertise in high-performance hybridization, a la the upcoming NSX.

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