McLaren Is Bringing An MSO 570GT To Monterey With This Awesome Feature


Seriously, who wouldn't want to use this everyday?

It appears Americans have taken a real liking to McLarens. Roughly a third of all the supercars that are assembled in the MTC are shipped to the States, and Automotive News Europe reports that nearly half of all 570GT sales are predicted to come from the US. The latter is why the automaker is bringing a very special 570GT that's been given a makeover by the McLaren Special Operations division to Monterey Car Week. And, as you can tell from the official photos we've been provided, the 570GT in question looks rather lovely.

Even with the cosmetic upgrades, the 570GT being shown off in Monterey would capture the eyes of many. The Pearl White paintwork is already a color that complements the McLaren's shape exceptionally well and helps accentuate the trim pieces finished in MSO Piano Black (namely the door inserts, the wheels, some interior bits and the side skirts) or gloss carbon fiber (full-length sill panels). But there's more to this particular 570GT than that. Also fitted is an MSO titanium exhaust system that not only improves the noise emitted by the twin-turbocharged 3.8-liter V8 engine but also shaves off a few pounds from the curb weight by being 30% lighter than the standard setup.

The real crowning glory of the McLaren 570GT by MSO is the new panoramic roof system. Having glass panels in the roof is of course nothing new to McLaren. They're on the standard 570GT and were first featured on the P1. But these are McLaren's first with an electro-chromic functionality that allows you to alter the tint of the glass. Making the electro-chromic roof even more interesting is the fact it's operated through a touch-sensitive headlining, unlike Mercedes-Benz's comparable "Magic Sky" offering which is toggled through an array of buttons. And the best news? It'll soon be an option you can specify on your own 570GT. Anyone else here reckon it'll be an incredibly popular extra?


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