McLaren Is Cranking Out Another Track-Only Supercar: Meet The 570S Sprint


Like a P1 GTR, only smaller.

In recent years, the track-ready supercar business has really taken off. Since being popularized in modern times by Ferrari's XX program, marques such as Pagani and Aston Martin with the V12-powered Zonda R and Vulcan, respectively, have joined the party. McLaren also stepped into the fray with the P1 GTR. That brief foray was all the track-only supercar bug needed to take hold as it's now offering another car that can only be used on racing circuits. Ladies and gentlemen, this is the 570S Sprint.

This new circuit specialist is essentially a 570S GT4 racing car that can't be raced in the various GT4 series across the globe. It sounds like an unusual USP to have, but the Sprint's status in the 570S pecking order means it has a few extras that the GT4 regulations forbid on the racing car. For starters, the engine isn't capped at the 400 hp the GT4 car is believed to be limited to, so mounted behind the driver is the same 570-hp 3.8-liter twin-turbo V8 found in the road car. Likewise, the 570S Sprint's lack of adherence to performance balancing rules means McLaren can go all out with the aerodynamic package. This means the 570S Sprint should, in theory, have far greater high-speed cornering clout than the GT4 car.

Understandably, considering the "Full Throttle" theme at the 2016 Goodwood Festival of Speed where the car will be unveiled, the McLaren 570S Sprint won't be a static display. Along with almost everything else it is bringing to the event, McLaren will be sending the 570S Sprint up the hill climb route. If we're honest, even though we won't get to be in the car as it heads up the hill we'll be looking forward to seeing it in action. The GT4 racing car already has a fair lick of speed at its disposal, so we can only imagine how brisk a more powerful version with better aero will fare as it rockets past Lord March's front door.

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