McLaren Is Looking At Cramming A Few Extra Seats Inside Its Supercars


Does this mean the return of the F1?

McLaren is still relatively new to the road-legal supercar game, at least when compared to its Italian rivals, but that doesn’t mean that it likes to view itself as being any lower on the totem pole than Ferrari or Lamborghini. That’s why the British automaker scoffed when it was asked if it would stoop to the level of building an SUV just to attract more sales, a la Lamborghini. In fact, McLaren only relented by saying that it would answer the call of an SUV with a level of cash that only the Sultan of Brunei could summon up.

However, even if the lap time-obsessed automaker refuses to make a bulky off-roader that doesn’t stop it from being able to benefit from building a car that can haul a bit more than a power couple and a briefcase. When Australia's Motoring asked McLaren’s global corporate communications manager, Duncan Forrester, about the chance of a three-seat or four-seat McLaren seeing the light of day, he mentioned that the idea isn’t off the table. He said, “I think we’ll play with it, but I don’t think there’s much of an appetite for a family McLaren.” Despite his stance, evidence exists that McLaren does give a lick about adding a bit more capability to its lineup.

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The 570GT is one of McLaren’s first attempts to dip into the everyday supercar scene. The interesting thing is that the world’s most famous three-seat supercar is already a McLaren. With a center driving position flanked by two seats on either side, the F1 is a car that can still hold a candle to many supercars of today. If McLaren decides to allow billionaire playboys to fit more than one supermodel inside the cabin, it would likely build a modernized supercar along the lines of the capable F1. No definite plans have been made to build such a car, but with base McLarens beginning to compete with four-seat Porsches don’t expect things to stay this way forever.