McLaren Is Planning To Give F1 Successor More Horsepower Than P1

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The real kicker is that it won't even use this car to set Nurburgring records.

McLaren is getting ready to blow our doors off the hinges in 2019 when it debuts its newest ultimate grand touring machine made by its in-house tuning division, MSO. So far as we know, it'll be called the BP23, with BP2 signifying that this is the second Bespoke Product to be built by MSO (the first being the one-off McLaren X-1 shown at the 2012 Pebble Beach Concours d'Elegance) and the 3 signifying how many people it can seat inside.

If you haven't guessed it by now, this hyper-GT as it's being nicknamed, is a tribute to the original hypercar, the McLaren F1. During this year's Geneva Motor Show, Autocar managed to uncover some spicy information about the car from McLaren boss Mike Flewitt. Unlike the P1, the BP23 won't be designed to rip apart the Nurburgring. Rather, it will be all about providing the upmost on-road experience to the centrally-seated driver and their two flanking passengers bringing high amounts of performance to the table and harnessing it with equal amounts of usability. Essentially, it will compete in a class that Bugatti Chiron resides in, only unlike that hypercar, the BP23 won't be as numbers generator.

Even without that designation, it will make more power than the P1, which means its drivetrain will have to push out more than 903 horsepower to meet that claim. Attaining that should be easy for McLaren. To do it, the automaker will merge its new 4.0-liter twin-turbocharged V8 to the hybrid drivetrain from the P1. We expect acceleration to be bonkers, especially given that the suspension and aerodynamics will be tuned for comfort rather than for downforce-inducing drag. Thanks to the addition of these sorts of creature comforts, the BP23 will be "a car designed for long journeys but with the high levels of performance and driver engagement expected of any McLaren," according to what the automaker has previously said.


While the design of the car remains unclear (McLaren has only teased an overhead shot of the three seat orientation), the automaker hits at a roof scoop and power butterfly doors that extend into the roof as they do in the F1. Those hoping to enjoy the experience for themselves will be disappointed because McLaren has only chosen to build 106 units, the same amount of examples it built of the original F1. Not only is that a highly limited run, but it's low enough that all 106 cars have been sold out. While price remains unclear, Autocar cites sources claiming that it will cost somewhere north of £2 million ($2.43 million) and the customers chosen by McLaren's are the brand's most devout (and wealthy) followers.

Those who have the means and were invited by McLaren will get the chance to work with MSO to customize their BP23 (please change the name McLaren) to their heart's desire. Dream on, dreamers.

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