McLaren is Planning Yet Another New Supercar

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Set to slot in between the 650S and P1.

It's no secret that McLaren is in the midst of developing an all-new, entry-level supercar, codenamed the P13, that'll take on the likes of the Porsche 911 Turbo. Along with the recently revealed 650S and the now sold out P1, McLaren has so far been very successful with its road car ventures. So successful in fact that it's planning to expand the lineup even further. According to a new report, McLaren will launch a new model that'll slot in above the 650S and below the P1.

Codenamed the P15, McLaren previously announced its intention to launch an all-new car or variant every year up through 2019. Wayne Bruce, McLaren's Global Communications Director, confirmed to CarBuzz a new car, codenamed the P15, is in development but won't arrive until after 2016. Specific details are still a mystery, but a base price of around 500,000 Euros sounds about right. As typical with new McLarens, it'll probably be powered by a revised version of the familiar 3.8-liter twin turbo V8. A carbon fiber monocoque chassis is also a given.

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