McLaren Is Rolling Out Two Track-Only 570S Supercars: Here's The First One


Bonus: It's fairly inexpensive!

McLaren has been on a roll recently and doesn’t plan on slowing down. First, the British automaker released the incredible 570S, then the just as amazing 570GT and now the brand is back with the 570S GT4 race car. Additionally, McLaren also announced the 570S Sprint, another track-only car. The automaker plans to run the 570S GT in the British GT championship this year before making the race car available to regular enthusiasts. So, what's new regarding the track-only 570 GT4?

Performance for the 570S GT4 race car should sound familiar since the track-ready vehicle has the same 3.8-liter twin-turbo V8, gearbox and carbon fiber Monocell II chassis are the road-going supercar. The bodywork, however, features both aluminum and carbon fiber, while the street car just utilizes aluminum. As in typical race car fashion, the 570S GT4 has an aerodynamic package that puts an emphasis on lap times. Other race car features include two-way adjustable dampers, a roll cage, center-lock magnesium wheels and an air jacking system. The 570S GT4 will be homologated for all GT4 racing in 2017 and will cost roughly $226,853.

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McLaren also plans to develop the 570S Sprint, which will be similar to the 570S GT4 model. However, unlike the 570S GT4, the 570S Sprint won’t have to fit under any specific racing regulations, but can be upgraded to GT4 spec if so desired. It's basically just for owners to take to the track and back home. McLaren hasn’t released any details on the 570S Sprint, but we’re sure it will be similar to the 650S Sprint that debuted in 2014. With a much more affordable price than the majority of race cars, the 570S GT4 will get more McLarens on the track and that’s a good thing.