McLaren Is Working On Something Extreme And Ferrari Should Be Worried

It's just how they do things in Woking.

It may have been ten years between the end of F1 production and the reveal of the MP4-12C, but McLaren has now officially become a fully-fledged supercar builder of the highest caliber. Its current lineup is all the proof needed. With its stated promise of revealing a new model every year, McLaren, according to a confirmed report from Autocar, is now preparing something very significant for model year 2018 – the 650S successor, codenamed P14.

Autocar further claims that, like the 650S and all other McLarens, this new mid-engined supercar will feature that signature carbon-fiber tub and 3.8-liter twin-turbo V8. This time, however, output will be boosted beyond the 650S’s 641 hp. The P14's main target will be the Ferrari 488 GTB, meaning performance specs will need to surpass a 205 mph top speed and 3.0-second 0-62 mph time. McLaren design director Frank Stephenson is saying that, from a styling perspective, the P14 will look "even crazier" than the P1. As is the case with the 650S, a Spider version will also happen, featuring a folding hardtop. Also expect P14 pricing to be above the 650S. We’ll keep you posted once we learn more.

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