McLaren Is Working On Something Naughty But It's Not For Everyone

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Or is it?

All McLaren 675LT coupes and spiders are sold out but it's possible to pick one up slightly used (and for a premium price). Or, you could turn to McLaren Special Operations. Now, there's a rumor going around that McLaren is working on an even more powerful car built on the same Super Series platform as the 675LT. Word has it it'll be called the 688HS, "HS" for High Sport, and only 25 examples are planned. We reached out to McLaren seeking confirmation and were told that yes, it is working on a customer project based on the 650S/675LT platform.

However, it's a bespoke project and will not become a series production model. As for its name, we were also told a final decision has yet to be made. However, we know McLaren has a very aggressive and bold product strategy in process with an already stated claim by CEO Mike Flewitt that "at least 50 percent (of future vehicles) will feature hybrid technology by 2022." The next-generation lightweight carbon fiber tub is also in the works. But a production 688HS (or something with a different name but still more extreme than the 675LT)? Well, McLaren didn't outright deny its existence. Images courtesy of Auto Gespot.

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