McLaren Joins The Metaverse And Will Start Making NFTs

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The first NFT drop will be for owners only, but there's a small chance outsiders can join the party later on.

Do you hang around with people who throw around terms like "HODL" and "ICO" on a regular basis? Do you also own a McLaren? If the answer to both of those questions is "absolutely," then we've got good news for you. McLaren Special Operations (MSO), the division of the British automaker that builds bespoke and one-off cars, just announced the first steps in what it calls an "ambitious metaverse strategy."

McLaren is joining the ranks of other automakers pursuing digital engagement by releasing NFTs and creating exclusive content through its metaverse-based MSO LAB.

MSO LAB is an online community where members can interact with various teams at the automaker and get early access to NFT drops. Early members get a digital sketch from the McLaren design team and a virtual tour of the McLaren Technology Center. They'll also have the chance to attend events.

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The first NFT out of MSO LAB is Genesis Collection, which the company says will be an invite-only mint. The limited-run will feature "one of the most storied cars in McLaren's history," with pricing and other information coming soon. NFTs can contain music, drawings, art, data, and other information, but it's not clear what McLaren will do with its first go in the space. It could be images or sounds from a limited car like the McLaren Senna or P1, or it could be artwork inspired by the cars.

If you're hoping to get ahold of a first-round McLaren NFT, you're out of luck. The first drop is by invitation only, with two phases of email notifications for "specially invited individuals." However, if you don't own a McLaren, and there are very few of us who do, there's at least a slight future chance to gain entry to the exclusive club.

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McLaren says that membership will be prioritized for customers, but it doesn't go so far as to say that access will be completely limited forever. That said, being a McLaren club member without owning a McLaren might make some feel a little inadequate.

McLaren is just the latest in a growing line of automakers working with NFTs to accompany a new vehicle release or promote the brand. Acura released an Integra NFT to early reservation holders, while Alfa Romeo will use NFTs to record vehicle history information on the blockchain. BMW even used the technology to record engine sounds for storage in a museum in an effort to preserve M engine sounds for future generations.

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