McLaren Just Announced An All-Electric P1 With F1-Style Seating

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There's just one big catch...

McLaren has said over and over again that it's not going to build an electric P1 or a supercar with a seating layout similar to the F1. Yet despite its public denials the British automaker just announced an all-electric P1 with a central seat is headed into production. Oh, and it has no roof. Outrageous, right? The new model comes in only one color, Volcano Yellow, and can hit its top speed in just two seconds. How much does all this madness cost? Try £375, or $486. Oh, and the ideal driver is between the ages of three to six.

Yeah, you're being trolled here. But to be fair McLaren trolled us and the entire industry with its cheekily titled press release. "The latest McLaren P1 is pure electric" got us all sorts of excited...and then we read the actual press release. While we aren't excited to be tricked we do have to give the automaker props. Gearheads and the media have been clamoring for more info on the cars that make up the company's Track 22 plan, including the planned EV. Capitalizing on that fervor to promote a children's toy is damn smart. That being said we're not sure we'd drop almost $500 on a McLaren that can only do 3 mph, but we can't deny that it looks good. The inclusion of the dihedral doors was brilliant, although said detail may be lost on a three-year-old.

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