McLaren Keeps it Real, Says No to SUVs

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We didn't really expect one anytime soon anyway.

With McLaren getting into the business of building road cars in a way that they never have been before, not even while building the world-beating F1, speculation abounds about what's next on the agenda for the British carmaker. With a 911 fighter on the way in the form of the upcoming P13, and with so many other luxury/performance brands building SUVs, many people believe this to be the next logical step for McLaren, much to the anger of the usual purists.

But McLaren CEO Mike Flewitt has said that an SUV is not consistent with the other offerings from the company, and that it therefore has no room in the still relatively small lineup. Cost could also be a factor, just one which Flewitt is choosing to avoid talking about. For a company like Lamborghini, building an SUV can mean platform/other technology sharing, not to mention access to big piles of VW Group development money, but for a small company like McLaren, it is a much bigger gamble. Whatever the reason, the purists will be glad that McLaren is unspoiled.

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