McLaren Makes 720S Even More Amazing With New Track Pack


Now the 720S will feel even more at home on a track.

There's no doubt about it - the McLaren 720S is an insanely fast car. It isn't just insanely fast in a straight line, it can even go toe-to-toe with more track-focused supercars. Keep in mind that the 720S is not a special, track-focused model like the 675LT or 600LT. While we expect a more hardcore LT version to arrive at some point in the future, until then McLaren wants to make sure 720S owners can still enjoy their car on the race track with a new Track Pack specification. This follows the 570S Track Pack, which one in ten customers opt for and that has been very well received.

McLaren tested the 720S Track Pack alongside its upcoming GT3 car, which is set to arrive in 2019. Opting for the Track Pack reduces vehicle weight by around 24 kg (around 53 pounds) thanks to extensive use of carbon fiber on the front and rear air intakes and door mirrors. The car is also equipped with lightweight 10-spoke forged alloy wheels, an MSO carbon fiber active spoiler, and a sports exhaust. If all that isn't enough to turn heads in the pit lane, McLaren has also included LED lights in the engine bay for some extra pizzazz.

On the inside, the Track Pack includes body-hugging carbon fiber racing seats (in regular or touring size), MSO carbon-fiber extended paddle shifters and an Alcantara steering wheel. Finally, a titanium bar mounted behind the seats allows a six-point harness to be mounted for the driver and passenger.

The car will even allow drivers to analyze their laps with a new McLaren Track Telemetry (MTT) system. The system uses three cameras to record the lap and provide real-time data to help improve lap times. The Track Packs adds £28,360 (around $37,000) to the price of the 720S and will arrive in 2019.


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