McLaren MP4-12 Crashes At Nurburgring

These kinds of things will happen at some point. A report has come in stating that the new McLaren MP4-12C collided with barriers while attempting to set a record at the Nurburgring. While McLaren has confirmed the crash itself, they haven't confirmed whether it was the result of driver error or a technical issue. Witnesses reported that the 592hp, twin-turbocharged supercar was going "flat out" before the accident occurred.

There were supposedly loud tire screeching sounds just before an even louder impact sound. After the crash, the tester was covered up and loaded onto a truck and driven off the track. Just before the first deliveries to customers begin, McLaren is denying they were attempting to set a record time. Instead, the laps were part of ongoing development tests. A spokesmen also said the unit "involved in the incident wasn't even a production spec car." McLaren engineers are currently investigating the circumstances of the crash.

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