McLaren MP4-12C Project Alpha

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McLaren Special Operations has prepped a limited edition version of the MP4-12C for Chicago.

McLaren's dealership in Chicago has commissioned the customizers at the company's Special Operations division to build a unique version of the MP4-12C exclusively for the Windy City market. Dubbed Project Alpha, the limited-edition supercar encompasses several special touches to make these six 12Cs even more lust-worthy than the "regular" model. The Project Alpha MP4-12C has had its roof, front splitter and rear deck lid and wheels all done up in glossy black, with carbon fiber vents in the hood and tail.

Badges identify this as a special edition, with performance benefitting from the updates slated for the 2013 model, including retuned transmission, throttle, exhaust and ECU for a 616-horsepower output from the twin-turbo V8. It's the latest product of McLaren Special Operations, which previously made the MP4-12C High Sport and the one-of-a-kind X1. Only six examples of the Project Alpha will be made (four of which have reportedly already been spoken for) with a list price of around $335,000. If you're not one of the remaining Chicago-area buyers to put your order down, you can specify most of these components on the McLaren options list.

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