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McLaren MP4-12C: Reportedly Fastest Car At Top Gear Track

Although it hasn't been officially confirmed by either Top Gear or McLaren, reports are circulating the new MP4-12C has set a new record time around Top Gear's Dunsfold test track. Up until now, that record has been held by the Ariel Atom V8 500, with a time of 1:15.1. Word out now is that a London McLaren dealer is quite eager to announce the new record time, which is reportedly 1:14.118 when equipped with standard tires.

This dealer is also claiming that when the car was equipped with the "Light Weight Package" and a set of Corsa tires, it had a lap time of 1:12.915. If that's not enough, the MP4-12C GTR has been predicted to complete its lamp in just 1:09. Again, nothing has been made official yet, so we'll have to wait for either McLaren or Top Gear to make the big announcement.

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