McLaren MP4-12C Spider Gets its Groove On

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The thrill of driving the open-top MP4-12C showcased in two-minute promo.

Its full steam ahead for the promotion of McLaren Automotive's second model, and having popped its top at the beginning of the month with a series of official stills, the MP4-12C Spider can now been seen in action. Packing F1-derived technology, the race-bred roadster packs the same 616-horsepower, twin-turbo V8 as the coupe on which it's based, but thanks to a three-piece retractable hard-top the delectable exhaust note can now be let in.

In the promo video, we get to see a 12C Spider finished in Volcano Red on the track and traversing the winding mountain roads of Andalucia in Southern Spain. The 12C Spider takes the same 3.1 seconds to get to sixty as the coupe, with only a slight penalty to 100 mph at 6.1 seconds to the coupe's 6 flat.

The three-piece folding hard-top closes in just 17 seconds and can be raised or lowered while moving at up to 19 mph. The 12C Spider can hit 196 mph with the roof down and 204 mph with it up. Pricing in the UK for the Spider comes in at £195,500 - £19,500 more than the fixed-roof version. 38 McLaren dealers in 22 countries worldwide are taking orders now for delivery beginning in November.

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