McLaren Offers Qualified Program

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Want a McLaren but can't quite afford it? New certified pre-owned program could be just the speeding ticket.

If you've got your eye on a fancy new car but can't quite make the list price, certified pre-owned is one way to go. Numerous automakers offer these programs, in which the factory vouches for the state and condition of a used car, bridging the gap between new and used. Now McLaren has gotten on board with its own McLaren Qualified program. As part of the process, McLaren technicians "undertake a comprehensive bumper-to-bumper qualification check" to ensure that each car meets their criteria in a number of categories.

In addition to offering a used 12C or 12C Spider at a reduced price, McLaren Qualified also allows buyers to upgrade older models to 2013 specifications with the 25hp boost and personalize them through the McLaren Special Operations division. Qualified cars also come with a minimum two-year warranty, including roadside assistance and unlimited mileage. With variables like age and mileage, it's hard to say how much savings a McLaren Qualified customer stands to reap. But the dealer in Connecticut, for example, has pre-owned cars listing for as little as $217,900, representing a good $11k savings.

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