McLaren P1 Almost Ready for Production

At a private unveiling for elite customers in New York, McLaren reveals that the completed P1 will be 97% identical to the concept version. Here's what will be different.

McLaren wowed the crowds in Paris this past September when it unveiled the new P1 there, and in the months since has been preparing it for production. We still don't know exactly when the P1 will be reaching dealers and customers, but McLaren recently presented the showcar to a select group in New York, revealing some tasty tidbits of information like the "superaluminum" wheels that are as light as but stronger than magnesium, and the mirror-finished full carbon brakes (not carbon-ceramic) - both industry firsts.

There'll also be a panoramic roof, which seems like an odd choice given the weight that would add to the car's highest point. Otherwise the finished product will be 97% identical to the concept, save for new vents added to the front fenders ahead of the front wheels to diffuse hot air and redesigned rear-grille mesh. Check out the presentation in the video below.

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