McLaren P1 Can't Shake a BAC Mono on the Track

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Well, that's a little embarrassing.

Picture the scene: You've waited years and spent millions of dollars on the one of the world's finest hypercars, and have booked yourself in for a day on the track. But when the big day arrives, you can't seem to outrun a BAC Mono. That wasn't in the script, surely? Try as you might, the small, single-seat, bare bones track toy sticks with you like a fly on a very expensive turd. On the straights, the P1 disappears, but on every bend, the BAC driver is at the limit and, as you'll see in the video, holds the perfect line around the circuit.

OK, so in the P1 driver's defense the Mono pilot happens to be LMP2 prototype racer and BAC's official test driver, Oliver Webb. But these machines are light years apart in performance and price. It just goes to show the importance of a competent wheelman.

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