McLaren P1 Designer Has Something To Say About The Electric Lamborghini Lanzador

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Frank Stephenson has designed some beautiful cars, and he has something to say about the electric Lambo.

World-renowned car designer Frank Stephenson has had plenty to say about the design of the Lamborghini Lanzador. Many do as well, but his opinions carry substantial weight as the guy who designed the iconic Ford Escort RS Cosworth, Maserati MC12, Ferrari F430, and McLaren P1.

Stephenson's comments on the electric Lambo prototype were detailed on his YouTube channel. In a nutshell, the designer likes the car and describes it as a quintessential example of the brand's design. He did have some reservations, though, especially over the back end.

The side of the EV, Stephenson said, nailed down the brand's signature wedge-shaped look that's filled to the brim with sharp angles. He complimented the latter qualities by saying they appear cohesive and balanced, including the geometric wheels which he calls unmistakably Lamborghini.

2028 Lamborghini Lanzador Front View Lamborghini Frank Stephenson/YouTube
2028 Lamborghini Lanzador Front View

At the rear, the veteran designer said that the wide rear tires are unusual for any car brand, but it does provide the car with a very aggressive look, which he appreciates.

However, Stephenson commented that the flat and plain diffuser saw "not a lot of development." He appreciated how the license plate didn't interfere with the Lanzador's rear design elements and described the taillight design as "fantastic." He also liked that the car didn't get a huge obnoxious rear spoiler or wing.

Taking a peek inside the interior, Stephenson describes it as "very automotive." That's a compliment, and added that it didn't have anything "looking too far out there into the science fiction world." He also praised the lack of a huge center touchscreen - a design choice lambasted by other designers in the past.

2028 Lamborghini Lanzador Side View CarBuzz Frank Stephenson/YouTube
2028 Lamborghini Lanzador Side View

Ultimately, Stephenson said that the Lanzador's use of sharp angles was consistent with the Sant'Agata Bolognese-based car company's design language. This, to him, was crucial as it further added to the brand's already established identity.

We're sure many will agree with Stephenson's design analysis, but let's all reserve our judgment until we see the production version by 2028. Let's see if it's something Stephenson still wants in his garage then, as he claimed in the video.

It's worth remembering this is a prototype rather than a concept, but before it arrives in 2028, Lamborghini could easily change certain elements. Still the praise it garners from Stephenson is notable.

2028 Lamborghini Lanzador Rear Angle View Lamborghini Frank Stephenson/YouTube
2028 Lamborghini Lanzador Rear Angle View

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2028 Lamborghini Lanzador Front View 2028 Lamborghini Lanzador Side View

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