McLaren P1 For Sale in the US As Owner is Buying a New Full Carbon One

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Because yellow's boring.

Up for sale exclusively on duPont Registry, this gorgeous Volcano Yellow McLaren P1 is apparently not good enough for its current owner, Diko Sulahian, the President of WTW Corp., who has ordered another one. Speaking with the publication, Sulahian said: "I plan on taking delivery of a full carbon P1 soon, so I obviously don't need two of them." Fair point.

That means someone else will get the chance to own one of these rare hybrid hypercars, this particular model coming with just 325 miles on the clock, a set of two-tone Giovanna GFG Forged FM-562 alloys, and custom Alcantara interior. The tuning firm boss won't just sell to anyone, mind. He has no plans to sell to a dealer and will be "very selective" in choosing who buys the car.

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