McLaren P1 Gets Trashed in Transport Truck Crash

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Only 375 were ever built, so let's hope McLaren can salvage this wrecked P1.

We've seen plenty of exotic supercars and hypercars get wrecked in the hands of owners with an over-eager right foot, but there's a certain irony when one gets damaged in the transport truck that was tasked to deliver them to its new owner unscathed. Unfortunately, that's exactly what happened to this mangled McLaren P1 worth $1 million. A truck was transporting the McLaren Ultimate Series hypercar in Cambodia when it collided with another truck large truck carrying goods from Phnom Penh to Andoung Tuek.

Local media reports that five people were injured in the crash, but police have yet to identify the owner of the P1 as the circumstances of the crash are still being investigated. Photos show that the P1 suffered serious damage during the crash, particularly at the front-end which looks to have been crushed by the truck. It looks bad, but there's still hope that this P1 could be salvaged. McLaren has worked miracles in the past after all, having repaired Rowan Atkinson's wrecked F1. The repair bill reportedly cost Atkinson over $1 million at the time, so we don't imagine fixing the potent P1 will be cheap either. It's certainly worth preserving, as only 375 examples of the P1 were ever made.

The 996-hp hybrid hypercar also recently celebrated its fifth anniversary. McLaren is currently working on a track-focused successor to the P1 codenamed the P15, which will be unveiled on December 10 as the fastest McLaren road car ever, before the F1-inspired BP23 hypercar is shown at a later date. If this accident sounds familiar, earlier this month a trio of Dodge Demons were also destroyed in the back of a delivery truck after burning to a crisp.

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