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McLaren P1 GTR Looks Ready To Make P1 Owners Tremble With Fear

We were scared just looking at it.

Looking at this thing in the metal at the Geneva Motor Show and knowing what we do: that it comes packing a drivetrain with this best part of 1,000 horsepower, we’re convinced the McLaren P1 GTR will make at least one of its owners soil themselves when they first take it out for a spin. Wearing the iconic yellow and green racing livery from the F1 GTR Le Mans racer, the track-dedicated hypercar is priced at a cool £1.9 million and will be offered exclusively to P1 owners, limited to just 35 units.

McLaren has somehow managed to strip 50 kg from the already lightweight P1 (thanks in part to a titanium alloy exhaust and polycarbonate side windows), giving the GTR variant a power-to-weight ratio of 684 hp per tonne. It’s also improved downforce by ten percent, stretched the front track by 80 mm to enhance front axle grip, lowered the ride height by 50 mm and added some 19-inch rims wrapped in slick rubber. A car designed primarily to set super-hot lap times, the McLaren P1 GTR won’t break any speed records, but it will get buyers around tracks quicker than almost any other car on the planet.

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