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McLaren P1 Owner Clearly Isn't Dating this Chick for Her Brains


The hypercar's door mechanism is one challenge too many for this pretty lady.

Picking up chicks is easier when you drive a supercar. That’s something we’ve seen proven over and over again. And when you’re ride is a McLaren P1, there isn’t a warm-blooded female on the planet that can resist your charms. The problem is, girls that date guys for their rides are more often than not as beautiful as they are dumb. This particular bimbo was caught struggling with the mechanism of the P1’s door. Given the video was shot on the side of the road, this couldn’t have been the first time she’d gotten into the hypercar.

Yet it takes her a good few seconds to not be able to open the door. The driver is then forced to lean over and give his hot date a helping hand before firing up the McLaren and sprinting off into the distance like a boss.

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